Seizure – Roger Hiorns – a disused apartment block, Southwark – Winter 2008

I heard great things about Roger Hiorn’s site-specific installation, Seizure. Glowing crystals, an alien presence, an unnamed threat – all placed within a damp, decaying council house. It sounded like the alchemy of Anish Kapoor, with his pure geometry of colours and the exploration of strange architectural space of Rachel Whitehead, Mike Nelson or Christian Buchel


But alas the space was small, the queue long and the weather miserable. I spent a Saturday and a Sunday morning waiting to get in, but the polite, well-mannered collection of culture vultures moved with sloth-like pace. Other engagements called me, and the now the house will go to the wrecking ball.

Seizure - Queue

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One response to “Seizure – Roger Hiorns – a disused apartment block, Southwark – Winter 2008

  1. It’s a pity you missed it … they extended it until about the 2nd of January, so I went in the week between Christmas and New Year and the queue was three people, so it was a five minute wait.

    Admittedly once you went in and went “wow, it’s all covered in blue crystals”, that was pretty much it. A very small flat (not much more than living room, kitchen and bathroom) and the walls and ceiling (and one light fitting) were covered in blue crystals.

    I took a bunch of photos, but five minutes to see it all was probably enough.

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