Email to Liberal Democrats

Dear Sir / Madam,

I read with some relief that the Liberal Democrat MPs are now considering voting against legislation to allow universities to make dramatic raises to university fees. (

Can I take this opportunity please urge the Liberal Democrats to remain true to the principles underpinning their oft-trumpetted election pledge to “scrap unfair university tuition fees”? As a keen supporter of recent Liberal Democrat policies, I have voted for them at the last two general elections, secure in the knowledge that they have largely reflected my own opinions on the funding of higher education, as well as a number of other concerns. The current direction of the Liberal Democrat ministers betrays that trust in a most flagrant manner.

Allowing learners to incur debts of at least £30,000 by the time they graduate is not only immoral but will have serious impact on British society – restricting social mobility, dampening opportunity and reducing the richness of the UK’s higher education – currently one of the greatest in the world.

Therefore, can I please ask the Liberal Democrats to avoid voting for this change, thinking hard about the trust they have built up with the current supporters and the future of the British education and society? It is this which is important, not the glitter of a short period in power with the wreckers of the Conservative party.

Warm regards,

Alastair Dunning.

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